In partnership with Children and Family Services we’re working with children who’ve been taken into care – and their families – to support them to stay together.

The focus is on working together and finding new ways of offering supports – and these are customized supports based on the goals and needs of each family.

An Ubuntu team is made up of:

  • the family
  • their designated people of significance
  • Ubuntu support workers
  • Children Services staff
  • other care providers.

Regular evaluation of the impact our work is making, and of how our collaboration is functioning, means that we are continuously learning and building on best practices.

In case you’re wondering… Ubuntu is a South African concept popularized by Nelson Mandel and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. It speaks to our shared humanity, that we’re all interconnected and that we are nothing without the other. So if we are to achieve anything, we have to go about it in an interconnected way.